Interior & Exterior Painting is Our Specialty

It takes hard work and years of craftsmanship to provide professional painting services. At Aloha Painting Company, we’ve built a team of skilled painters to do what we can to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to paint the inside of your home or the exterior of your commercial building, our services can help.

To understand exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll start out with an in-depth consultation. Taking your painting expectations, preferred finish, and budget into account, we’ll be able to create a personalized game plan for your project. Next, we’ll gather quality, pigmented paints and top-performing tools to begin. Once we’ve finished, you’ll have the opportunity to check the results and ensure you’re satisfied!

Residential Projects

Nothing transforms your home faster than a fresh coat of paint. From putting the finishing touches on a new build to revitalizing an old purchase, residential painting is the way to go. Your home is your biggest investment, and it’s important you protect it. With a brand-new interior and exterior paint job, you’re not only extending the longevity of your home’s lifespan, but you’re improving its overall appearance. To breathe new life into your home, and impress every guest that comes to visit, our residential painting services are here to help.

Commercial Projects

The look of your business is as important as the services you provide. With the exterior of your building being the first thing prospects see, and the interior being the next, it’s a must that both are in prime condition. Before you even have the chance to introduce clients and employees to the details of your business, they can easily be turned off by moldy, chipping, and fading paint. To ensure services are the focus of your company, our commercial painting gives your building a beautiful, professional look.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

“Aloha Painting Company brings genuine customer care, years of professional experience, and a high attention to your project’s details. Preparation is key to any high-quality, long-lasting painting project, and Aloha Painting Company will get the job done right.” —Trevor D.

“My house is the best-looking house in my neighborhood due to Kendall and his crew. They were very professional and did an excellent job! High attention to detail and customer satisfaction is a priority with him. I highly recommend Aloha Painting Company for their top-quality work!” —Joy Y.

“From the day I got the quote to paint my home, Aloha Painting Company was professional, thorough, and just a pleasure to work with. Kendall epitomizes the Aloha in Aloha Painting Company. He was easy to talk to and explained things in laymen terms. His all-around customer service went over and beyond. Aloha Painting Company no ka oi!” —Sheri U.

“Kendall and his team were excellent. They did such a great job repainting our house and worked well with our budget—without skimping on quality work. It was evident that Kendall genuinely wanted to make sure that the job was done right. We are so blessed that we went with Aloha Painting Company and highly recommend them!” —Brandon A.

“I can't say enough about Kendall and his crew! They did a fabulous job, and even came back to do touch-up work well after the job was complete. I’m just so happy with this company and have referred them to friends and family. I'm so glad I went with Aloha Painting Company. They went well above and beyond on my house. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!” —Michelle U.

“First of all, our house looks amazing—even at a distance. Kendall and company came in with a competitive quote and great work. Beyond that, Kendall is very professional and he listens. I would highly recommend Aloha Painting.” —Annie M.

“Kendall from Aloha Painting Company first painted my home 12 years ago at the recommendation of his granddaughter, who was in my Kindergarten class. They made my house look new. This past summer I called him up to freshen up the paint. Once again, I was extremely satisfied! Kendall is honest, kind, responsible, and a hard worker. His granddaughter was right!” —Cynthia R.

“My wife and I are very pleased with the excellent work done by Kendall and his crew at Aloha Painting Company. We're certain you will find Kendall's experience and attention to detail to be a unique advantage. With Aloha Painting Company your home will not only look nice, but it will also last long. We highly recommend Aloha Painting Company!” —Gary U.

“Aloha Painting Company—their title says it all! If your house is in need of a good, quality paint job, be it new or old, you'll be in a state of harmony just because you called the Aloha Painting Company!” —Gail K.

“The attention to detail and the quality of materials is unsurpassed. These guys tell you what you need and they solve your problems. I couldn't be happier!” —Lex S.

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